STEINBILD Installations

Creating Unique Picture Walls

Immerse yourself in a composition of nature. Our exceptional picture walls allow you to design large wall surfaces in your home with artistic and meaningful motifs.
What sets our STEINBILD installations apart is the unparalleled way in which the shapes - especially the veins - flow through multiple pictures. Unique and awe-inspiring, the combination of individual STEINBILDER creates an overarching tension that envelops your home in a unique atmosphere.


Wall Art Collages: Captivating Compositions through Multi-Panel Images

With STEINBILD installations, you create a focal point of exceptional class in your living space that engages the senses and establishes a unique connection between nature and art. The beauty of nature becomes a vibrant part of your interior design, illuminating your home in a new light.
Speaking of light: Our STEINBILDER are also available with illumination! Go to Lighting collection

You can choose from a wide range of individual elements and arrange them in various configurations to create the perfect interplay of colors, textures, and shapes.

And When We Talk About Uniqueness, We Truly Mean It

Our STEINBILDER are exclusive wall art pieces created from natural stone that has been formed over millions of years. Each STEINBILD is meticulously handcrafted in Germany and is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


The Perfect Pairing

Bring your wall to life with the harmonious combination of two STEINBILDER. The mutual complementation of patterns, colors, and textures creates a unique expressive power and fascinating visual balance. Let this perfect combination enrich your living environment.

Tundra GlassTundra Glass
Tundra Glass
Dimensions: 46.06 x 31.5 inches

Lobelia MotusLobelia Motus
Lobelia Motus
Dimensions: 21.65 x 29.53 inches

Lighting Collection Masterpieces
Harmonia BrazilHarmonia Brazil
Harmonia Brazil
Dimensions: 28.74 x 39.37 inches

Tempus InstallazioneTempus Installazione
Tempus Installazione
Dimensions: 38.98 x 35.04 inches

Dolomiti di SestoDolomiti di Sesto
Dolomiti di Sesto
Dimensions: 43.7 x 35.04 inches

Durante DynamicDurante Dynamic
Durante Dynamic
Dimensions: 27.95 x 54.72 inches

Lighting Collection Masterpieces
Polaris PapilioPolaris Papilio
Polaris Papilio
Dimensions: 35.04 x 29.92 inches

Magnolia TouchMagnolia Touch
Magnolia Touch
Dimensions: 29.53 x 53.15 inches

Fuligo PompeiiFuligo Pompeii
Fuligo Pompeii
Dimensions: 36.61 x 35.43 inches


Third time's a charm

Create an impressive wall design with a composition of three STEINBILDER. By combining three unique masterpieces, you'll achieve a striking dynamic and visual interplay that captivates the eye.

Louisiana SwampLouisiana Swamp
Louisiana Swamp
Dimensions: 17.72 x 57.09 inches

Dark ShardDark Shard
Dark Shard
Dimensions: 70.87 x 64.57 inches

North WaterNorth Water
North Water
Dimensions: 9.84 x 33.46 inches

Ophelia DesireOphelia Desire
Ophelia Desire
Dimensions: 39.37 x 43.31 inches

Lapis DiamondsLapis Diamonds
Lapis Diamonds
Dimensions: 70.08 x 37.8 inches

Kronos GiantKronos Giant
Kronos Giant
Dimensions: 51.18 x 51.97 inches

Colligatio Cedar MesaColligatio Cedar Mesa
Colligatio Cedar Mesa
Dimensions: 65.35 x 24.8 inches

Graphite ChampGraphite Champ
Graphite Champ
Dimensions: 81.89 x 37.4 inches

Tempestas TriptychonTempestas Triptychon
Tempestas Triptychon
Dimensions: 42.91 x 21.26 inches

Pegasus SnakePegasus Snake
Pegasus Snake
Dimensions: 15.75 x 51.18 inches


Make It Four

Create a captivating wall installation with an ensemble of four STEINBILDER. The versatile possibilities of arrangement and combination allow you to create an impressive masterpiece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Turtle IslandTurtle Island
Turtle Island
Dimensions: 45.28 x 35.43 inches

Galaxy BeautyGalaxy Beauty
Galaxy Beauty
Dimensions: 45.28 x 41.34 inches

Cumulus QuantusCumulus Quantus
Cumulus Quantus
Dimensions: 33.46 x 64.96 inches

Eros SoundEros Sound
Eros Sound
Dimensions: 51.57 x 37.8 inches

Durante CompositionDurante Composition
Durante Composition
Dimensions: 61.02 x 53.54 inches

Vitus QuattroVitus Quattro
Vitus Quattro
Dimensions: 23.23 x 62.6 inches

Novatus FrameNovatus Frame
Novatus Frame
Dimensions: 47.64 x 47.64 inches


The More the Merrier

An impressive collage that captivates with a harmonious composition of various unique pieces. Transform your wall into a breathtaking visual masterpiece with our STEINBILD installations consisting of five or more individual pieces.

Cumulus CompositionCumulus Composition
Cumulus Composition
Dimensions: 91.73 x 39.37 inches

Dark FormationDark Formation
Dark Formation
Dimensions: 115.35 x 68.9 inches

Pinega SpringPinega Spring
Pinega Spring
Dimensions: 91.34 x 58.66 inches

Lyra WebLyra Web
Lyra Web
Dimensions: 68.5 x 61.81 inches


For Hotels, Restaurants, and Business Spaces: Make a Lasting Impression with Our Exclusive STEINBILDER

Our STEINBILD installations are not only suitable for private living spaces but also perfect for hotels, restaurants, and business spaces. With their unique beauty and individuality, they create a special atmosphere that impresses guests, visitors, and customers.
Our experienced experts are here to assist you in selecting and designing the perfect STEINBILD installation. Together, we will find the perfect combination of motifs, sizes, and arrangements to enhance the impressive atmosphere of your premises.