Personal Design Consultation for Your Walls


Choosing the right wall art can be a challenging task. It's not just about aesthetics, but also about your personal taste, your interior style, and the overall harmony in the room.

It's important to ensure that not only the colors and style are in harmony, but also that the size of the artwork complements the space, creating an aesthetically pleasing overall look. The multitude of options in terms of motifs, colors, sizes, and types of stone can make the decision-making process even more difficult.

To make the search for your perfect STEINBILD as easy as possible, we offer you a personalized design consultation with our experienced designer, Sarah. Sarah will ensure that the chosen STEINBILD aligns with your individual preferences and needs.

Our design consultation offers you an additional advantage: we have exclusive artworks available that are not published in our online shop.

I’ll Help You Find the Perfect STEINBILD for Your Home

"Every room and every interior is unique. From analyzing your space design to coordinating colors, motifs, and styles, I'll assist you in finding a STEINBILD that matches your individual preferences and needs."

5 Preliminary Questions for the Perfect Consultation

In order to provide you with the best possible consultation, we need some information from you. Please fill out our inquiry form with the following details:

  • What are the exact dimensions of your wall?
  • How many STEINBILDER do you want in total?
  • Do you want your STEINBILD to have lighting?
  • Do you have any specific preferences for your interior or special color requests?
  • And optionally, what budget do you want to set for your STEINBILD? 

Please take a photo of the wall area where the STEINBILD will be installed and upload it in the inquiry form.

Sarah's Selection for You

Once Sarah has all the information, she will select suitable STEINBILDER for you. Based on your preferences and specifications, you will receive two to three proposed solutions per wall area. In addition, Sarah will offer you further alternatives that are tailored to your interior design and her sense of style.

A Visual Preview: Your STEINBILD Up Close and Personal 

You will receive a visualization of your personal selection as a mock-up in the form of a PDF file via email. The mock-up will also include detailed images of the proposed natural stones, the exact stone names and variations, as well as explicit measurements of the STEINBILDER.

Let's Find the Perfect STEINBILD for Your Home Together

Book our design consultation today and bring a piece of Earth's history into your home.