Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a compilation of frequently asked questions along with our corresponding answers. If you cannot find your question or have a personal inquiry that requires direct contact, we are available to assist you via email, phone, or chat at any time.


STEINBILDER are made from genuine natural stones that are millions of years old. Utilizing state-of-the-art diamond splitting and COMPEX composite techniques, unique STEINBILDER are created from massive stone blocks. For more information on the manufacturing process, please refer to our blog post.

STEINBILDER are divided into different product lines and selections. Our four product lines are: 

STEINBILD Masterpieces,

- Essential Line,

- Soul Line

- and Focusline.

The selections include STEINBILDER with special features. Currently you can find the following three selections in our online shop:

- STEINBILD Installations (multi-panel images),

- the Butterfly Selection (mirror images),

- and the Lighting Selection (illuminated images).

Each STEINBILD has a specific size ranging from 30 x 30 cm to 255 x 175 cm. The weight varies according to the size of the picture. You can find the exact weight information in the product information of the STEINBILD.

With the exception of the pictures from our Focusline and Essential Line, all STEINBILDER can be surrounded with one of four different wooden frames. You have the choice between

- matt black maple wood,

- oak wood oiled,

- oak wood stained black and oiled

- and oak wood white-stained and oiled. 

Optional ambient lighting can be added to each STEINBILD to create an illuminated edge.

Each STEINBILD comes with an integrated mounting system featuring wall profile rails on the back. This ensures easy installation with optimal fine adjustment. You can find a detailed step-by-step guide here

STEINBILDER and their uniqueness

Yes, each STEINBILD exists only once in the whole world and is therefore truly unique. To guarantee this promise, each work of art receives a unique label. If required, a certificate of uniqueness can also be purchased.

The millions of years old natural stone is what is special about our STEINBILDER and makes them unique. None of the natural stones used in our STEINBDILDER exists a second time exactly in this form.

Here is an example: Both of the following STEINBILDER contain the natural stone "Polaris" and are completely different in their shape.

Yes, every STEINBILD is a certified unique piece and will be delivered with a corresponding unique certificate upon request. You can find more information here.

The certificate of uniqueness certifies your STEINBILD as a genuine one-of-a-kind. It contains the name of the picture, the unique number and the production date. Here you can read everything in detail.

The unique plate contains the name of the STEINBILD and a QR code that leads to more comprehensive information. It is attached to the back of your STEINBILD.

No, each STEINBILD exists only once in the world and no copies exist.

STEINBILD Manufactory: Everything about production and manufacturing

Every STEINBILD is handmade in our manufactory in Germany. This includes both the cutting and the final processing of the natural stone as well as the individual production of the wooden frame. In this blog post, we have recorded the creation of a STEINBILD step by step.

All STEINBILDER are made and finished exclusively in Germany in our manufactory. We lovingly call this place our "Steinerei" - a carpenter's workshop for stone.

The frame of your STEINBILDER will be adapted exactly to the natural stone and your wishes and will be individually handcrafted for you directly after your order. You can find out more about our wooden frames here.

Shipping & Payment

Since a STEINBILD is a valuable work of art, it is packed carefully and accurately. Thanks to our specially developed cardboard box, your STEINBILD will be delivered safely to your home.

All our STEINBILDER are shipped safely and as quickly as possible via DHL or DPD - with the exception of our particularly large design objects, these are delivered directly to your home by a forwarding agent.

We offer you secure payment options via selected payment service providers. These include Klarna, Paypal and Stripe. You can find more information here.

Yes, free returns are possible within 7 days of receipt.

Yes, as soon as your order has been received in our online shop, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

STEINBILD delivers worldwide. If you have a specific delivery location, we can provide you with an individual solution. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.