STEINBILD Masterpieces.

The Jewels of Nature

No doubt: Each STEINBILD is absolutely unique, which carries its unique history for millions of years. Our Masterpieces are true jewels of nature and design objects of the extra class, which transform your home into a unique ambience. Discover a design world full of elegance, sophistication and timeless aesthetics with our Masterpieces.


This exclusive product series of modern wall art captivates with the preciousness of natural stone, an extraordinary composition and the coloring and veining of the stone. All of this makes them valuable treasures with tremendous potential for value appreciation.

Predicate „Masterpiece“

The predicate "Masterpiece" is only awarded to STEINBILDER that, in addition to their uniqueness, possess special and valuable characteristics. These could be, for example, a very old age or a specific type of stone, such as a gemstone.

It is an accolade for the extraordinary rarity, beauty, and quality of these artworks.


1 Billion Years Old and Older: A Piece of Earth's History in Your Home 

In extremely rare cases, we are able to process natural stones that are over one billion years old. To put it into perspective, the Earth itself is approximately 4.6 billion years old. During that time, it formed as a hot sphere of glowing and molten rock.

These extraordinary types of stones are characterized by their exceptional hardness, impressive weight, and significant iron content with magnetic properties.

The processing of these stones is extremely elaborate and time-consuming. Some of these masterpieces even have a history spanning over 2.5 billion years, reflecting more than half of Earth's geological timeline.


A custom-made frame – for every masterpiece

To emphasize the unique character of each masterpiece, they are lovingly framed in a solid wooden shadow gap frame. The natural texture of the wood harmonizes perfectly with the texture of the natural stone and gives each STEINBILD a touch of rustic charm with natural elegance at the same time.

You can choose between four different wooden frames.


Simple installation and impressive effect

Adjustable spacers integrated at the back create a floating impression. The coordinated mounting rail system ensures simple, high-quality installation and excellent fine adjustment.

Dimmable LED ambient lighting can be optionally integrated into the rear of each variant.


And something extra: masterpieces in their different variations