Artworks from the Essential Line, Focusline or Soul Line uncomplicated to install yourself 

Learn here how you can install your STEINBILD quickly and easily on your wall.

The Essential Line as well as the Focusline and Soul Line are optimally prepared in our manufactory. So that you can hang your new STEINBILD uncomplicated, we have already integrated two holes in the frame. Thus, we ensure not only a secure hold of your STEINBILD; but also a quick installation. Just follow these instructions, and your artwork will be hung up in no time.

Step-by-step instructions for self-assembly

The preparations 

We have already prepared everything for your STEINBILD. For the picture assembly you should only ask another person for help and prepare the following tools: 

+ cordless screwdriver / screwdriver (cross) 
+ spirit level
+ pencil   
+ drill   
+ screw hooks and dowels   
+ Parcel tape  

Step 1

When selecting the appropriate screw hooks and dowels, pay attention to the load capacity (the weight of your STEINBILD) and the wall condition. Place your STEINBILD face down on a soft surface and measure the distances between the two pre-drilled holes. You can also use the parcel tape and stick it over the two holes, and then mark the holes on the tape with a pencil. 

Step 2

Draw the holes on the wall at the appropriate distance or stick the marked parcel tape on the intended place on the wall. Then check with the spirit level whether you have stuck it on straight.

Step 3 

After making sure the parcel tape is in place horizontally, use a drill to drill the holes for the dowels at the two marked points. 

Step 4 

Next, insert the dowels and screws into the pre-drilled holes and hang your STONE PICTURE on the two screw hooks using the holes provided. Take a second person to help you with this step if the picture is too heavy for you alone. 

You are unsure how to mount your STEINBILD? 

We are happy to help you!