„Magnolia Soul“ besticht durch seine rosa-rote Farbgebung sowie der eleganten Kristallstruktur. Der im STEINBILD „Magnolia Soul“ verarbeitete Blockquarzit entstand vor ca. 1200 Mio. Jahren, als die abschließende Formierung des Superkontinents Rodinia stattfand.

History of origins

Each STEINBILD tells the probably oldest story in the world - our earth history


The supercontinent Rodinia already consisted of most continents in this period. The final formation of the supercontinent followed.


At this time, the red algae were the first known multicellular organisms with sexual reproduction. At the same time, animal organisms capable of active movement (worm-like benthos) appeared for the first time.

1200 million years

Age of rock



Type of rock


Block quartzite



Quartz, admixtures of coloring ores

Main constituent

Made in Germany

Developed and completed in Germany

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