„Magma Terra“ präsentiert sich mit einer eleganten, beigefarbenen Aderung, die in manchen Teilen auch in dezenten Orangetönen vorkommt. Der im STEINBILD „Magma Terra“ verarbeitete Onyx entstand vor ca. 2 Mio. Jahren, aus der Zeit, in der das Mittelmeer austrocknete und dadurch auch der Meeresspiegel sank.

History of origins

Each STEINBILD tells the probably oldest story in the world - our earth history


At the time of the formation of this natural stone, the Mediterranean Sea dried up and the South Pole froze. This caused the sea level to drop by 50 meters.


Due to the ice age, there were few plants that survived. The cool climate, on the contrary, created new species such as ash, beech and fir, which today make up our forests. At that time the first real elephants settled. Gletig appeared the first humans (Homo habilis).

2 million years

Age of rock



Type of rock





Calcium carbonate, carbon

Main constituent

Made in Germany

Developed and completed in Germany

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