Available now: The new product line from STEINBILD!

21.06.2023 | STEINVERLIEBT

STEINBILD Focusline: Compact pictures with big effect - configure your personal STEINBILD

May I introduce? Our new product line: the Focusline! This product line stands out from the previous ones due to its numerous customization options. Its compact format makes it suitable even for smaller rooms and its affordable price will delight you.

The Focusline convinces with plastic shapes and an incomparable feel. The special feature: You yourself can configure your STEINBILD individually. This makes the STEINBILDER of the Focusline particularly unique! Make them your personal work of art.

Exciting focus: The natural stone in the center

The Focusline sets new standards in the staging of natural stone. For the first time, we are using a Neolith® support plate as an additional component. The stone is attached to this and at the same time framed. Neolith® is characterized by special scratch and UV resistance and is easy to clean.

This technique brings the natural stone into focus in a special way. You decide in which form the carrier plate should frame the stone! We offer you four different formats from which you can choose.


This variant is based on natural shapes and caresses the stone in curved aesthetics.


The heart shape makes a great gift for your loved ones or a loving statement in your home.


The square variant harmonizes particularly well with purist furnishings and a minimalist style.


In the round variant, the STEINBILD acquires a certain lightness and calm charisma.

Compact formats: big impact

In order to offer you the Focusline at an attractive price, the STEINBILDER of this product line will be available in two different compact formats.

  • 50 x 50 cm external size, with a natural stone of 25 to 27 cm diameter
  • 70 x 70 cm external size, with a natural stone from 37 to 39 cm in diameter

Due to their compact size, the STEINBILDER of the Focusline fit perfectly into any room.

Black or white

The Focusline frame is available in black or white. Depending on which of the two colors you choose, it will also be matched in the carrier plate.

This gives you the opportunity to decide individually which color harmonizes best with your furnishings or the natural stone.

Natural diversity: Discover stunning natural stones and countless combination possibilities

You also choose the heart of the Focusline - the natural stone. For this, an exclusive and limited selection of beautiful, unique natural stones is available to you. Each of these curated natural stones is millions of years old.

Whether it's a living room, dining room, or office, Focusline has a matching piece of art for every taste and space!

Get inspired and configure your dream STEINBILD now! It pays to be quick, because the natural stones are only available in limited quantities!


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