Stylish accents for every wall: Create your own STEINBILD with our brand new Essential Line

05.09.2023 | STEINVERLIEBT

We are proud to introduce another product line. This product line is for all stone lovers who want to admire the incomparable beauty of natural stone in all its glory. Embedded in a discreet, simple black frame, the natural stone in our Essential Line unfolds its impressive effect.

Another highlight of this product line is the comprehensive customisation option. Not only do you choose the centrepiece, the natural stone, yourself - you also have 7 different formats to choose from.



Exciting & natural variety: Choose from 12 handpicked natural stones

Discover the variety of natural stones for the centrepiece of your STEINBILD. Each stone enchants with its unique colour, grain and feel. From the captivating red hue of Electra to the fascinating 220 million year history of Cosmic or the incomparable grain of Chocolate - each of these stones carries its own special characteristics and tells a unique story of our earth.

Which stone captivates you the most? Which one fascinates you in its uniqueness? Which story would you like to tell in your home?

Find the perfect format for your individual STEINBILD

In addition to the natural stone, you also decide on the format of your STEINBILD. You can choose from 7 different formats - from square and rectangular to large and small. So you can easily find the perfect place for your STEINBILD in your favourite room. Or simply let yourself be inspired by the different shapes and their possibilities.

Which format will make your artwork shine on your wall? Which dimension fits seamlessly into the atmosphere of your home? The decision is entirely yours!


Unique, rare and exclusive for you: the limited STEINBILD Essential Line

Take your chance: Similar to our STEINBILD Focusline , the Essential Line is also strictly limited! To be precise, there are only 250 copies of each version worldwide. This gives each individual piece a rare and special value. It is a work of art from an exclusive, limited series. So don't wait too long and create your personal unique piece now!


Natural beauty in focus: discreet frame for maximum stone feeling

The framing of the Essential Line stays discreetly in the background, allowing the natural stone to shine in the limelight. With a simple black foil finish, the frame is both delicate and slender. This refined design embraces the natural stone in harmonious unity to highlight its true splendour and not distract from the beauty of nature. The unique L-frame is made for you by hand in our manufactory with the utmost care. Carefully foiled and placed precisely around the natural stone, it blends seamlessly with the work of art.

Mix & Match: Create unique eye-catchers with natural stone collages from the Essential Line

The diverse natural stones and formats of the Essential Line are ideal for creating fascinating collages from unique natural stone. There are no limits to your creative imagination!

Would you like to create a unique wall collage in your home, but are still unsure? Don't worry! Our experienced STEINBILD designer will help you with words and deeds. In a personal design consultation, she will find the ideal combination to accentuate your wall individually.




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