STEINBILD Soul Line: mystical gemstones in an exciting variety

17.10.2023 | STEINVERLIEBT

Welcome to the sparkling world of gemstones - a universe full of colours, mysteries and natural works of art. Gemstones have fascinated mankind for thousands of years and their speciality lies in their rare beauty and diversity.   

Each gemstone is unique, formed through thousands of years of processes deep beneath the earth's surface. Their extraordinary splendour of colour, ranging from soft pastel shades to intense, vibrant colours, makes each stone a work of art of nature.  

In this blog article, we introduce you to our STEINBILD Soul Line, which allows you to experience the fascination of gemstones in your home every day. 


Your home, enriched by the beauty of nature

Gemstones are far more than just visually impressive marvels. They are witnesses to history, carriers of culture and symbols of longevity and value. Their robustness and durability predestine them as ideal jewellery and decorative objects that even last for generations.  

The Soul Line from STEINBILD captures the unique beauty and mysticism of gemstones, which form the core of each of our works of art, and offers a wide range of design options. From red calcite to purple amethyst, each individual gemstone in our product line radiates its own distinctive beauty and captivates the viewer in a very special way. 



6 gemstones, infinite possibilities 

The special appeal of the Soul Line is emphasised by its impressive variety, which offers you endless combination possibilities. In this line, 6 gemstones are available to you as the centrepiece of your STEINBILD. Each of them has its own unique colours, grains and structures.   

The different gemstones in our STEINBILDER are ideal for creating exciting collages. These compositions will become an absolute highlight in your home. By combining them, you can create a unique atmosphere. Create the perfect combination for you and your dream collage from your favourite STEINBILDER. 

Tiger Eye

Red Calcite




Lapis lazuli

Book your personal design consultation

Choosing the right stones and their arrangement is not always easy. That's why we offer you a personalised and free design consultation. Together, we'll find the perfect Soul Line composition for your home. 



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