Color trends 2023 - STEINBILDER as interior design highlight

01.05.2023 | LIVING & INTERIOR

Colors play a central role in the world of fashion and interior design. They have the ability to create moods, transform spaces and have an immediate visual impact on us. Color trends are therefore of great importance, as they help us find the contemporary expression of our personal style and design our living or working spaces.

Fashion and interior manufacturers use color trends to adapt their collections and products to current consumer preferences and needs. But color trends are not only important for the industry.

Private individuals also benefit from them, as they provide orientation and inspiration. By using current trend colors, we can individually design our living space and adapt it to our personal preferences.

Color trends offer us the opportunity to interact with our surroundings and express our personality. They open up new opportunities for us to express our creativity and create a unique interior. Whether we opt for bold and vibrant colors or prefer to go for calm and restrained tones, color trends give us guidance to combine our individual preferences and the current zeitgeist.


A major player in setting color trends is Pantone, a renowned provider of color standards.

The color trends published by Pantone are the result of an extensive process. They are based on a thorough analysis of world events and the current mood. Given the turbulent and crisis-ridden times, this year's color trend is all about hope.


Trending: The color palette for 2023

The color palette for 2023 is characterized by bold and innovative combinations. Bright and dynamic shades combine with strong and calming nuances. This is to convey not only hope, but also courage and joy in the midst of these difficult times.
Now you are surely wondering which colors are the trend colors for summer and spring 2023 and how they can be harmoniously combined. For this reason, I have compiled a selection of inspiring examples for you, which present various natural stones in the current trend colors:

Tabit Green - a vegetable and natural green shade

Another exciting trend color is Tabit Green. This natural green runs through the metamorphic stone of STEINBILDER Tabit as a fine grain, underlining the naturalness of this vegetable tone.

A good clue to the possible combinations can be found in the natural stones themselves. The harmony of the light, calm tones with the Tabit Green speak for themselves. In addition, however, stronger colors such as coral can also be used to create a harmonious contrast.

With the Tabit STEINBILDER you create a natural calm and pleasant atmosphere in any room. Due to the various combination possibilities, the STEINBILDER become an optimal highlight in any room. Let yourself be enchanted by this calm trend color in our STEINBILDER and set a highlight in trend colors that is timeless at the same time.


Love Bird - an exotic and vibrant green.

The STEINBILD with the fascinating shade Love Bird embodies an exotic and vibrant green. Made of beautiful marble, Mahonia radiates a unique energy. The possibilities of combining it with other colors are numerous: it perfectly harmonizes with strong tones such as coral or pink to create a lively and expressive contrast. At the same time, it also pairs beautifully with classic white and elegant black for a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. No matter what style you choose, the STEINBILD in Love Bird is sure to become an eye-catcher in any room. Be inspired by its exoticism and vibrancy and create an interior that is full of life and color.

Grayed Jade - a mineralized gray-green with a cheerful character

The trend color Grayed Jade is found in nature in certain quartzites, which have admixtures of color-given ores. In this color tone also inspire our STEINBILDER Vergilius. The unique coloring with the fine dark grain brings the cheerful character of Grayed-Jade into your home.
Grayed jade creates a calm mood when combined with white. If the atmosphere is to be more colorful or the cheerfulness of Grayed jade is to be emphasized, stronger colors, such as pink, are suitable.
With Grayed Jade in our Vergilius STEINBILDER you create a happy, pleasant atmosphere in your home.

Empire Yellow - a pleasant bright yellow full of cheerfulness.

Our STEINBILD, which picks up the impressively cheerful color Empire Yellow are Dune. The bright trendy yellow is drawn through a harmonious grain with darker tones.
This strong trend color is best combined with black or gray, so as not to distract from the cheerfulness. This is exactly what is reflected in the fine black grains of the STEINBILD. Nature is still the most timeless artist. 
With this STEINBILD in the trendy color Empire Yellow, your home will shine in bright cheerfulness and create a feel-good oasis in any room.

Airy Blue - a clear blue tone for relaxation and tranquility

Relaxation and tranquility - you will find the trendy color Airy Blue in our Mountain STEINBILDER. The clear blue of the quartzite is interspersed with various shades of blue and brown and has a wave-like effect due to the exciting grain.
Airy Blue can be combined very well with light, warm pink tones, because the pink lends the combination a pleasant warmth in addition to the calm blue. Alternatively, white is also a good choice to combine Airy Blue in a calm way.
The Mountain STEINBILDER not only bring peace and relaxation to your four walls, but are also a real design highlight for any room due to the exciting structure.

Persimmon - a silky, honey-colored coral full of optimism.

In our STEINBILD Desert the current trend color Persimmon is staged in a special way. The metamorphite inspires in a silky, honey-colored coral tone. The dark fine grain gives the stone an exciting and interesting structure.
This trend color should be used with caution. Individual pieces of furniture or unique design objects such as the STEINBILDER are particularly suitable for this. It is also important to note that the color should only be combined with calm tones. Brown, for example, is suitable for this, as it also occurs in the natural stone. An orientation to nature can never be wrong.
With our Desert STEINBILDER you are not only color-wise in the trend, but also enjoy the optimistic charisma of the Persimmon in your home.

Isn't it impressive what variety of colors we find in nature and that each of the trend colors can also be found in natural stones? And although the stones in the trend colors have a high topicality, they are at the same time absolutely timeless and classic.


Which color and which natural stone do you like best?


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