STEINBILD Focusline.

Stylish murals full of uniqueness

You are looking for a stylish picture for your wall that attracts all eyes? Then you should definitely discover our limited Focusline. Each natural stone from this product line is only available 250 times. Configure now the center of your living room – with the stylish highlights of our STEINBILDER.

Natural stone in focus. Our STEINBILD Focusline captivates with its sculptural shapes that have a unique feel – and at an unbeatable price. Each curated stone is üover million years old. What makes it special: You yourself can assemble each component into a unique mural. This makes each STEINBILD an incomparable work of art that enhances your living space.


Drosera lets the curved structures in different rust-brown tones merge with the milky-white inclusions into a fascinating composition. This natural stone, so harmonious in its coloring and structure, was formed about 2 million years ago.

Pure perfection of form: Focusline in 4 shapes

For the senses: abstract images – compact but oho

The world of stone is a world full of myths and mysteries. The strength of our natural stones offers a way to explore the plasticity of rock on a deeper level. Let your senses run wild: feel and see how the tectonic cracks and mineral components move through the STEINBILD and form unique shapes.

Exquisite components for each original

The Focusline is completed by other high-quality components. The perfectly shaped natural stone is mounted on a high-quality Carrier plate. Visually, the look is reminiscent of a framed picture with a passe-partout.
The main difference from conventional passe-partout pictures is that the natural stone lies present on the high-quality background and stands out instead of being pushed into the background.
The substrate material is characterized by special properties such as scratch and UV resistance and easy cleaning. Framed in a filigree L-frame, the design object integrates into any interior.

  • Choose between two frame colors: black or white;
  • Decide for one of the two sizes (50 cm | 70 cm)
  • Explore the four shapes: Organic, Heart, Square and Circle
  • Enjoy the choice from a total of 10 natural stones
  • Be happy to receive one of 250 limited works – per shape and type of stone.
  • Discover also the exclusive Butterfly Edition