„Desert Storm“ präsentiert sich mit einer hügeligen Struktur, als auch einer besonderen Farbgebung mit dezentem Rotstich. Der im STEINBILD „Desert Storm“ verarbeitete Naturstein entstand vor ca. 350 Mio. Jahren, als aufgrund der Kollision zweier Kontinente die variszische Gebirgsbildung stattfand.

History of origins

Each STEINBILD tells the probably oldest story in the world - our earth history


At the time of the formation of the natural stone of this STEINBILD a Variscan mountain building (collision of two continents) took place. This began the unfolding of the Rhenish slate mountains Harz and Eifel.


At the end of the age lush forests arose with the first ancestors of coniferous trees and the first seed plants. The primitive ferns (vascular plants) were already widely spread. They were able to develop and spread quickly, since there were no large herbivores at that time. At the same time the ammonites developed well.

350 million years

Age of rock



Type of rock


Calcium carbonate, carbon, metal ores

Main constituent

Made in Germany

Developed and completed in Germany

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